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“A widow’s life is not all sadness, for rising out of the depths of loss can be new growth. While the grieving continues, these possibilities seem remote; and it would be cruel to mention them. Later, though, when the mourning has begun to spend itself, a widow begins to ask, “What next?”

- Tim Stafford

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Celebrating 10 Years of C.A.R.E.

Concern Affirmation Rediscovery Endearing Acts of  Kindness

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In 2013 we launched with a purpose to generate important healing components in the rediscovery process. The luncheon, “Creating New Possibilities” was attended by twenty widows of various ages and ethnicities who shared a special moment on a beautiful spring day that embraced the newness of their journey. 

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The following year, we created “An Evening With Friends”, centered around Valentine’s Day, a very important day in the life of widows and widowers.  The event is always set with a pleasant ambiance and good food. Through the years we have planned and provided a variety of events, such as dinner and line dancing, tea room luncheons, movies, special music, inspiring speakers and other fun moments of laughter and encouraging widow-to-widow conversations.

Sometimes it takes a moment. It’s a difficult decision to step out and meet others in the process of restoration and renewal in finding hope again. But from the very first time attending a Widow’s Treasure event, they’re sure to know that “it’s the beginning of the next chapter and not the end of their story.” -

Kathy Christopher (guest speaker 2017)


Like the story of Elisha, who helped the widow to recognize the value of what she had, we too endeavor to help widows and widowers rediscover and renew the treasure found within.


The Widow’s Treasure is a non-profit charity organization for widows and widowers in many phases of

their journey and is dedicated to service and care for them in ways other organizations often miss.

Statistics show that nearly 700,000 women lose their husbands each year and remain widowed for an

average of 14 years. Although there are four times as many widows in comparison to widowers, the loss

crosses all racial and social barriers, bringing together people from all walks of life. 


No matter the family and friends that surround them, they often feel isolated and alone. One of the greatest challenges for widow/widowers is connecting with new people. 


The Widow’s Treasure utilizes annual activities and events as the central mechanism in reestablishing an open line of communication. These events are held during the time of year that is commensurate with rebuilding and

renewing their lives in a gentle, yet deliberate process.

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