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‘A widow’s life in not all sadness, for rising out of the depths of loss can be new growth.” - Tim Stafford

Our Story

In 2013 we launched with a purpose to generate important healing components in the rediscovery process. The luncheon, “Creating New Possibilities” was attended by twenty widows of various ages and ethnicities who shared a special moment on a beautiful spring day that embraced the newness of their journey.

The following year, we created “An Evening With Friends”. This special event is centered around Valentine’s Day, a very important day in the life of widows and widowers. The event is funded and hosted by individuals who care, known as The Widow’s Keepers. We endeavor to create an elegant evening with a pleasant ambiance, good food, music, inspiring speakers, line dancing, fun, laughter, and encouraging widow-to-widow conversations.

The resounding words – “You Are Treasured!” is spoken over each guest at the close of the evening as they are celebrated with hugs, flowers, and gifts. From a treasure box containing those same words, to items that serve as a reminder, we always want them to know that the treasure found within themselves is of great significance and value.

Sometimes it takes a moment. It’s a difficult decision to step out and meet others in the process of restoration and renewal in finding hope again. But from the very first time attending a Widow’s Treasure event, they’re sure to know that “it’s the beginning of the next chapter and not the end of their story.” Kathy Christopher (guest speaker 2017)

Past Events for Widower's & Widow's

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Ice Cream Social.jpg

The Widow’s Treasure will host several events throughout the year in collaboration with businesses and restaurants, as well as other established organizations to provide “Meet Ups” for fun, entertainment, and/or educational purposes. To receive our newsletter with event information contact us so we can keep you informed. We’d love to hear from you.

To make a tax-deductible donation

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The Widow's Treasure
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